Saturday, April 12, 2008

When is a 5K NOT a 5K? When it's MORE THAN 3.1 miles (or so!)

Just got home from the run at Winton Woods. It was the oddest route I've ever seen there. It avoided the terrible crosswinds on the bridge, but it was very goofy. It also went up this huge hill that I've never run before even though I used to run there fairly frequently.

So, what was my time? It was under 28:30. Not sure of the exact number, but I was wearing my stopwatch, so I have somewhat of a sense. I ran the first mile in about 8:22 I think. I really don't trust any of the mileage markers on that course, because I'm pretty certain that it was probably 3.4 miles. It just felt longer than a typical 5k, and I wasn't the only person to say that. I'll see how the other folks did, but I felt ok about my time.

I'll post more about the race later (I really want a shower NOW!)...including LOUD music too early in the morning and the hard-breathing Clydesdale Doppelganger.

Until then.... don't forget to breath!

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