Saturday, April 26, 2008


at the 2 mile mark....Fooled ya.....

My time - according to what I saw on the clock - is about 26:06. Not bad.

Overall, I had a decent run, and I was definitely struggling at points. I looked like Dr. Huffinpuff at the end of the race....for a moment.

The run was out of the Centerville HS parking lot and into a neighborhood. The roads were decent and I tried to stay in the middle just to stay on a flat surface. It was rolling with no significant hills. The weather was good for running - cool and with a slight breeze to start, but once you are running, you are very warm.

There were a lot of folks - about 650. I always seem to run alone though. I did see another Clydesdale a bit ahead of me. Not sure if he finished ahead of me though. There were some pretty well built guys running near me. I kept trading positions with this one guy; I'm reasonably certain I beat him in the end. For much of the race I was running behind a gaggle of highschool girls (at least they looked that young to me). I'll be curious to see how I placed.

Well I may write more about the run later but I'll end this now.

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