Monday, June 30, 2008

It's NOT a smoothie, Mr. Smooth

I just finished a blueish-purplish colored drink that I made in my blender using my Beverly Protein powder (fine stuff, that powder), skim milk, and fresh blueberries. It looked kinda funny, but it tasted good.

This one is dedicated to Mr. Jazzercise

Today I had a good workout. I'm typing from an ultra-secret location as I consume a fine sesame bagel and have some coffee. Are sesame seeds good for a keyboard? Oops.

Ok, so I did the following while someone else was wearing a purple leotard and dancing around a room - something he considers "working out". I don't have the heart to tell him otherwise.

  • 10 minutes cardio - brought the IPOD with me, so that was fun
  • some ab stuff
  • abductor
    • 50 lbs, 3 sets of 15
  • adductor - this one just feels wrong
    • 50 lbs, 15 reps
    • 60 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • assisted pull ups
    • 70 lbs, 15 reps
    • 55 lbs, 15 reps
    • 40 lbs, 15 reps
  • decline flys
    • 10 lbs, 3 sets of 15
  • lat raises - side and front
    • 10 lbs, 15
    • 12.5 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • integrate overhead presses and barbell curls
    • 12.5 lbs, 2 sets of 15
I know I am missing an exercise or two here, but no matter, this is more than Mr. Jazzercise does in a month at the gym.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

11 measly miles

was all I managed today. Boo.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some lifting

Went to Urban Active and didn't really do as hard a workout as I wanted, but I still did accomplish a bit:
  • walking lunges
  • plie squats
  • bench press
  • bend over with the bar things
  • calf exercises
  • seated row
Weights and reps later.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Trail running

That's what I did. Trail running. Then I ran the hill 5 times. Then I walked to my car. Then I drove home.
That's it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Running when you don't want to run

So, I just returned from a run around the small block in my neighborhood. It's about 3 miles, so it's a decent workout. I felt it, too, because I'm sore from yesterday's lifting and trail running. Although it's the last thing I wanted to do - I rather have stayed on my porch reading Sense and Sensibility - I knew it was something I should do.

Now I have about an hour of "free" time, so I'm going to return to Ms. Austen.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lifting and trail running...perfect together (in my best Tom Kean accent)

So, I went to UA for the first time in a couple of weeks; I need to check the blog to figure the exact date. I felt very weak. I didn't push myself and didn't want to. So here's the workout:
  • bench
    • no weight, 15 reps
    • 20 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • decline bench
    • no weight, 3 sets of 15
  • incline bench
    • no weight, 15 reps
    • 10 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • leg press
    • no weight, 4 positions (including calves) 15 reps
    • 90 lbs, 2 sets of 15 with 4 positions
  • hack squat
    • no weight, 15 reps
    • 50 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • plie squat
    • 60 lbs, 2 sets of 15
Then I ran the MUM trails after coming home for a yummy protein shake. I also did a bit of shopping at B&N in between, so I definitely had some recovery time. The trail run felt pretty good. Again, I took it easy. Still, it's good to exercise. My eating habits have been terrible lately. Shame on me!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Corwin to Xenia and back

So, I cycled about 30 miles - about 15 mile an hour pace, which is ok, but not great. Oh well, at least I worked out.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Does running around a pickleball court

count as exercise? Because that's all I did. And I did that for a few minutes.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I ran.

I ran the trail for a bit - a light run, nothing too strenuous given I was using new shoes - it felt pretty good. The trail is overgrown and there are lots of down limbs, which makes it more challenging (and more dangerous). Still, I was glad to get out. I cooled off by mowing my lawn. Ha.

Trying that whole trail running sneaker thing again

So last year at this time I bought a nice pair of trail running sneakers - they were made of Gore Tek. I proceeded to run, twist my ankle, and not run for a couple of weeks. I then tried again. Same result. No more running in trail sneakers. I went back to my regular sneakers, and surprise... no problems!

Well, I decided to purchase some trail running sneakers yesterday - mainly because I still have a gift card to Runners World that I need to use before I lose. I get my regular running sneakers online so it didn't make sense to pay more for them at RW.

I decided on a pair of Mizuno's - their Wave Ascend 2 - but the funny thing is I believe I almost bought the same pair that brought me such trouble last year.

Today I'll test them out; I wanted to try them yesterday but I was too exhausted from a busy week of work.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On climbing and struggle and lying to your body

So, today I rode up Michael Road. If you don't know Michael Road, well, it's probably difficult to appreciate what I experienced. As I wrote in the previous post, it's a long, slow climb. At least it feels that way to me. I love climbing - much more than descending, which just scares me - but it's also something that I don't do as well as I'd like. What does this mean? I need to do it more.

On the group rides I've been on, there's a long, slow climb that we take. It's where you get to see who is really in shape and who is not. I remember my first group ride taking that climb and then being told, "Wow, most people have to get off or stop sometime during that climb their first time," which gave my ego a bit of a boost, but that was quickly shattered as I realized that the climb would win the next few times.

Still, it feels good to pass people in the group, to glide by them, to dance on the pedals and achieve the top of a hill. I also know that those same people will pass me going down, but that's ok.

Today I tried to apply some basic climbing techniques. These include: relax, keep an open body posture, breathe. Relaxing your body is tough; you're struggling up a hill, which creates stress, and then you're trying to relax? Well, I think it works. The more loose you feel, the easier it is to climb. Opening up your body means keeping your arms apart on the handlebars. It helps you breathe better if you have a more open posture. Also this can keep you relaxed. Finally, taking in air, exhaling, etc. are pretty important. I focused my energy on deep breaths. I literally talked to myself at points during these climbs. I'd tell myself, "Ok, just get to that next tree. Then you can stop." The idea is that I'm not going to stop, but my body doesn't know that yet. Yes, I lie to my body.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the morning ride. It was good to be alone, too, because I didn't have the pressure of an audience. I love riding with others, because there's safety in that, but sometimes struggling - and therefore, climbing - needs to be private...until I write about it on my blog.

A well deserved morning tour

This morning I decided to head out on the bike, drop by the airport, do some riding, and then head back home. It was a beautiful, crisp morning when I started. I actually felt chilly, so I zipped up.

Getting out of my neighborhood is such a pain, but I'm doing the back route over the train tracks now, so that helps a bit as I don't have to cross University. Being down at the airport was cool, because there were several planes out, and the weather seemed perfect for flying - not that I'd know. I decided to do the Rt 4 route, but I made a left at Trenton Franklin Road. I then gritted my teeth - well, not really - and started the long, slow climb up Michael Road. Now, I love climbing, but it's torture to me. I focused on staying in my saddle, relaxing my body, keeping an open posture, and breathing. I made it up with a bit of trouble, but nothing terrible. Then it was down some rollers and over to Hetzel before coming back on Browns Run and Rt 4 with a stop at the airport (again!) and a visit to a local tv star. Actually, the latter was more for a bathroom break, but he doesn't need to know that. :) Ssssh!

The ride felt good, and after yesterday's busy day, I feel I deserved it. So, now it's time to shower, grab some lunch, and get back to the business of doing business.

More later.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

First Solo Ride of 2008

It seems a bit late to be making this post, but that's how things go. Today I took my first ride out of town, and I was fairly happy with the results.

First I rode down to the airport and had a look around - not much going on there compared to Saturday but still cool to see. I'm more interested in planes and flying these days. I did have this urge to speed down the runway on my bike, but I don't think folks would appreciate that.

Then I decided to head out Rt. 4. Not sure why I chose to do this, because I wasn't sure about the traffic and road quality. Both were fine.

I made a right onto Trenton-Franklin Road, which I took until I made a right onto the bridge and picked up 73. This was a scenic, well paved road. I received a few honks and one shout - not sure what the guy said. Never sure whether people honk to be friendly or to warn me that they could kill me.

From there, I took Breiel, which is awful to ride up, because of the incline and the head wind - is there ever NOT a headwind on that road? I bonked on it. Just bonked. About 14 miles of riding, and I bonk. Ugh. That undermined my confidence a tad.

Still, it felt great to be on the bike. My pace - at least until I bonked - felt fast. Not sure if I'm imagining things. I also think a tuneup does help my bike a great deal. Anyway, lots of work to do, so I'll keep this brief, but YEAH I RODE! WOO HOO! I love cycling! Looking forward to watching the last stage of the Dauphine and the first stages of the Tour de Suisse.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The verdict is in (and the bike is back):

I decided against purchasing a new wheelset for $550. I tested the Easton 90 SLX and they were ok but I didn't feel it was worth the money to make the upgrade. After that, I did a bit of a ride around Lebanon, and that felt good.

More later.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Where's Marianne gone? Has she given up working out?

Heck, no! I took the week off because I've been fighting a bit of a cold. Plus, I'm a big proponent of rest, so taking a week off shouldn't be too terrible for me. It also makes me all the more eager to get back to the gym.

My goal is to hit the gym tomorrow and Sunday. Yepee! Because I haven't worked out in a week, that leaves open all sorts of possibilities. I can do ANYTHING at the gym. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Non workout post: the God of Thunder is in Yellow and Boonen tests non-negative out of competition for cocaine

So, one of my favorite cyclists in the pro peloton, Thor "God of Thunder" Hushovd, has spent two days in yellow at the Dauphine Libere. That's the good news. The bad news is that another favorite, Big Tom Boonen, tested "non-negative" (yeah, that's what it's called; you'd think "positive" would be easier) for cocaine in an out of competition test. Potentially he could be suspended for up to two years because the drug is on the list of banned substances - and it's just plain illegal, so he's facing legal action. Some may recall a friend of Boonen's being arrested last year and stating that Boonen was his dealer. At the time, concern was expressed about this link, but it was pretty much dismissed. Not so fast, Big Tom. You may be in BIG trouble for this one.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Beverly Shipment Arrived! YEPEE!

I'm happy. My protein powder and some new stuff - Glutamine Select- I'm going to try arrived today. I'll use the glutamine during rides and perhaps during heavy workouts.

I bought the stuff from Smartbody Nutrition, a service I've never used, but they were quick and cheap, so I'm pleased. UPS ground shipping was free.

Friday, June 6, 2008

"Don't Stand So Close to Me" ... some people really need to take that to heart.

So, here's what I did today at Suburban Urban:
  • pull ups
    • integrated with leg lifts
    • 10, 8, 6 reps
  • leg lifts
    • 3 sets of 20 reps
  • lat pulldowns
    • 35 lbs, 3 sets of 12
  • cable rows
    • 55 lbs, 3 sets of 15
  • walking lunges
    • no weight, back and forth across floor (I know the length of the floor, but no one else does... let's say about 20 paces each way??)
    • bar, no weight, back and forth
    • 15 lbs on bar, back and forth
    • 15 lb dumbbells in each hand, back and forth
  • side lat raises
    • 10 lbs, 15 reps
    • 12.5 lbs, 2 sets of 12 or so?
  • overhead dumbbell presses
    • 10 lbs, 15 reps
    • 15 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • leg press machine
    • no weight, did three different leg positions, including one for calf exercises, 3 sets of 15
  • seated calf raises
    • 45 lbs, 3 sets of 15
  • tricep thingies
    • 25 lbs, 15 reps
    • 35 lbs, 15 reps
    • 42.5 lbs, 12 reps
  • bicep curls
    • 15 lbs, 3 sets of 15 I think
  • bend over with the bar thing
    • 3 sets of 10 reps
Ok, so that's it... not heavy with the weights but a good amount of exercise and reps. Am tempted to go running, but maybe I should not, because tomorrow is my first day cycling if all works out... I am psyched about that!

What's the plan for Friday?

Today I will do some work in the morning, meet a friend at the local java juice joint, attend a meeting, and then do some sort of workout. Still no bike, which bums me out, because I was hoping to get a ride in this weekend.

I have been looking more at two books that a pal gave me - dollar bargains from Half-Price books - regarding ab and thigh workouts. I'll probably try doing some of those today.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don't ever wear a white t-shirt to the MUM gym

I looked like I had been rolling around in dirt when I left the MUM gym today with my Rutgers shirt on. Yikes!

Today I did a bit of a leg workout...nothing too stressful, but I did realize that my shoulder "injury" is affecting my ability to squat. Yes, think about that for a moment.

  • squats
    • no weight on bar, 15 reps
    • 50 lbs on bar, 3 sets of 15 reps
  • standing lunges
    • no weights, 3 sets on each leg 15 reps, very little rest between them
  • squats and plie squats
    • 50 lbs on bar, 3 sets integrated with 60 lbs, 3 sets of 15 reps
  • some assorted stuff, such as bending over and touching my toes, I can't remember that didn't affect me much
I thought about doing some cardio, but that's as far as I went. I thought about it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I lied.

I ran. Did you?

Outdoor running forecast: highly unlikely

We're expecting storms here today, so I doubt I'll be able to run outdoors. Although I love a good overcast day - helps me focus on work - I would prefer to run outside. I didn't get a run in yesterday...oops!.. so I feel the need for a good cardio workout. That means using the on-campus gym, which is minimalist (as well as dirty). :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

"Another one bites the dust..." - Queen

I'm writing this from my porch. It's nice to be able to work on my porch and take advantage of the WiFi, the shade, and the scenery.

Today I went to Urban Active. Originally, I wanted to do a really tough workout, but I wimped out. So, instead I just did some upper body stuff. Later, I may go for a short run around the block. I don't know.

Here's today's adventure:
  • bench press
    • no weight, 15 reps
    • 10 lbs on bar, 3 sets of 15
  • incline bench
    • no weight, 3 sets of 15
  • decline bench
    • no weight, 3 sets of 15
  • pulldowns
    • 55 lbs, 15 reps
    • 70 lbs, 15 reps
    • 85 lbs, 10 reps
  • flys
    • 10 lbs, 15 reps
    • 15 lbs, 15 reps
    • 17.5 lbs, 15 reps
  • curl bar
    • 20 lbs, 15 reps
    • 30 lbs, 10 reps - I got bored
  • barbell curls
    • 17.5 lbs, 2 sets of something I forget
  • behind head tricep exercise
    • 17.5 lbs, 15 reps
    • 25 lbs, 2 sets of something
  • some ab stuff
Overall, it was an ok workout - didn't push myself; this felt more like light exercise. I think I'd push myself more if I were working out with someone or if I were going for a goal, but I am goal-less.

One thing I do wish to know is why I have such trouble with the decline press. What muscles does it hit differently than the other versions of bench press?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

"She was a happy girl the day that I left her" - STP

Just finished a quick run around the small big block. I'm about to hop in the shower after an adequate run. I wasn't going to workout today, but I figured three days of non-official exercise would be one day too much. Tomorrow I'll head to Urban Active to lift.

Oh, I dropped the bike off yesterday, so I should be cycling by this coming weekend. I'm also looking at a new wheelset. Did you know you can send 2k on a set of wheels? That's insane. I won't be spending that sort of money.

Finally, congratulations to Mr. Velasco aka Alberto Contador. He won the Giro with a great ITT performance, while Ricco disappointed. He better work on his TT ability if he wants to be a regular GC contender. He also needs a real team. Saunier Duval is not a real team!