Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A well deserved morning tour

This morning I decided to head out on the bike, drop by the airport, do some riding, and then head back home. It was a beautiful, crisp morning when I started. I actually felt chilly, so I zipped up.

Getting out of my neighborhood is such a pain, but I'm doing the back route over the train tracks now, so that helps a bit as I don't have to cross University. Being down at the airport was cool, because there were several planes out, and the weather seemed perfect for flying - not that I'd know. I decided to do the Rt 4 route, but I made a left at Trenton Franklin Road. I then gritted my teeth - well, not really - and started the long, slow climb up Michael Road. Now, I love climbing, but it's torture to me. I focused on staying in my saddle, relaxing my body, keeping an open posture, and breathing. I made it up with a bit of trouble, but nothing terrible. Then it was down some rollers and over to Hetzel before coming back on Browns Run and Rt 4 with a stop at the airport (again!) and a visit to a local tv star. Actually, the latter was more for a bathroom break, but he doesn't need to know that. :) Ssssh!

The ride felt good, and after yesterday's busy day, I feel I deserved it. So, now it's time to shower, grab some lunch, and get back to the business of doing business.

More later.

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