Sunday, June 1, 2008

"She was a happy girl the day that I left her" - STP

Just finished a quick run around the small big block. I'm about to hop in the shower after an adequate run. I wasn't going to workout today, but I figured three days of non-official exercise would be one day too much. Tomorrow I'll head to Urban Active to lift.

Oh, I dropped the bike off yesterday, so I should be cycling by this coming weekend. I'm also looking at a new wheelset. Did you know you can send 2k on a set of wheels? That's insane. I won't be spending that sort of money.

Finally, congratulations to Mr. Velasco aka Alberto Contador. He won the Giro with a great ITT performance, while Ricco disappointed. He better work on his TT ability if he wants to be a regular GC contender. He also needs a real team. Saunier Duval is not a real team!

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