Sunday, June 15, 2008

First Solo Ride of 2008

It seems a bit late to be making this post, but that's how things go. Today I took my first ride out of town, and I was fairly happy with the results.

First I rode down to the airport and had a look around - not much going on there compared to Saturday but still cool to see. I'm more interested in planes and flying these days. I did have this urge to speed down the runway on my bike, but I don't think folks would appreciate that.

Then I decided to head out Rt. 4. Not sure why I chose to do this, because I wasn't sure about the traffic and road quality. Both were fine.

I made a right onto Trenton-Franklin Road, which I took until I made a right onto the bridge and picked up 73. This was a scenic, well paved road. I received a few honks and one shout - not sure what the guy said. Never sure whether people honk to be friendly or to warn me that they could kill me.

From there, I took Breiel, which is awful to ride up, because of the incline and the head wind - is there ever NOT a headwind on that road? I bonked on it. Just bonked. About 14 miles of riding, and I bonk. Ugh. That undermined my confidence a tad.

Still, it felt great to be on the bike. My pace - at least until I bonked - felt fast. Not sure if I'm imagining things. I also think a tuneup does help my bike a great deal. Anyway, lots of work to do, so I'll keep this brief, but YEAH I RODE! WOO HOO! I love cycling! Looking forward to watching the last stage of the Dauphine and the first stages of the Tour de Suisse.

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