Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back on the road! WOO!!!!

So, I didn't run the 5k this morning, but I decided to atone by running a bigger version of my big block run. You can see a crude version of it below if you zoom in.

It felt great to run. Yeah, I really wrote that! I kept a steady pace and a pretty short gait. Had the iPod playing. I'll try to give a sense of how long I was running later after I check the length of the playlist. It started to drizzle just a bit, but that was ok. I was also motivated by the desire that often motivates me at the end of runs. Ugh. That's an unpleasant feeling, let me tell you.

The thing I like about this run is that it's downhill for a good amount at the end as you come down University, but then you turn up Aberdeen and it's a pretty nice climb. I could feel it in my rear with my rear going "I'll get you up this hill, Marianne!" Thanks, rear.

Ok, I need to shower and continue with my day.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

To run or not to run (tomorrow) that is the question

So, there's this terrible rumor in southwest Ohio that there will be a 5K run Sunday at 9am, and I'm contemplating entering it. Keep in mind that the last time I ran outdoors was before I started this blog. Should I? No pressure in a way, but knowing me... I will try to run it fast - or as fast as I can or faster than some people I know. And I'll probably get frustrated at about mile 2.2 and want to stop and walk, especially as eight year olds in flip flops pass me.

I'll let you know what I decide.

Friday, March 28, 2008

My shoulder still isn't 100%

I just finished a workout at the gym. I took it easy for reasons mentioned already.
So, here's the routine:
(btw, as I type this, my arm muscles are in a bit of a spasm, but that's a good thing!)

  • 10 minutes on elliptical - very slow pace - but I got to see high rpm girl who was doing her high rpms before I got there, while I lifted, and was still at it as I left the building. I think she might be stuck.
  • bench press; no weight, 15 reps; 10 lbs on bar, 2 sets of 15; 30 lbs on bar, 1 set of 15; 40 lbs on bar set of 10 and set of 7 - I am pretty sure I'm missing a set or two... this is so confusing!
  • decline press; no weight, 2 sets of 15 reps
  • incline press; no weight, 2 sets of 15 reps
  • seated fly machine; 30 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • rear delt machine; 30 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • overhead press machine; 30 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • tricep pull downs with the short little bar; 30 lbs, 15 reps; 42.5 lbs, 15 reps
  • seated bicep curls; 15 lbs in each hand, 2 sets of 15 reps (slight variation on arm movement with the two sets)
THE END. No problems with feeling a reaction coming back on, which was great. I thought about doing more cardio, but decided "girl stuck on elliptical machine doing high rpms" was doing enough for everyone in the place. Btw, the "crowd" at 8:30am is probably the most boring bunch I've seen...other than yours truly.

So, as to my shoulder; I definitely felt weakness in there. I'm wondering whether I should stop doing upper body stuff entirely for a week, but I'd hate to do that. Then again, that would allow me to focus more on lower body/cardio, and I haven't run outdoors in so long, so... we'll see. But a weak shoulder is not good.

Btw, I am sending this from a secret location.

Two days off, two protein shakes, and two slices of apple pie

Yesterday I took a second day off because of my allergic reaction; I rather be safe than trigger another attack. But I am trying a new "diet" - beginning my morning with a protein shake rather than having oatmeal and a bagel or some sort of carbs. Then a few hours later, I have another protein shake. The original idea was to have 3 protein shakes and a good meal, but instead I had a sandwich for lunch, a slice of pie for dessert (apple, naturally). By the time dinner came, I was ready for real food and not a protein shake, so I had a cheeseburger and fries. And apple pie for dessert. Bad me.

So, I'm here in everyone's favorite java joint at 6:40am about to do some revision work on my article before heading to Urban Active. I'm going to take it easy at the gym and see how I feel. If I sense the slightest twinge of a reaction, I'll stop. I doubt that will occur, but I'm a bit concerned. The reaction I had this week was the worst I've had in years.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yesterday was my day off because...

I had an allergic reaction Tuesday evening and doubled-down on a trip to the ER. Not sure that makes sense, but what I mean to say is that I was at the ER twice in the evening. I am not a poker player.

So, I decided that working out yesterday was not a good idea given earlier experience at Penn State when I had a reaction, was treated, and then went for a jog several hours later only to re-trigger an even worse reaction! Not sure what causes that, but it happened, and luckily, a friend, Shannon Minnich, with whom I've lost touch sadly, took me to the ER. Why I drove back to my apartment from the gym rather than straight to the ER is a mystery, but that's what I did. Anyway, this is all non-workout related, so I'll keep it brief except to say ANAPHYLAXIS is no fun.

I'll avoid working out today too, but I'll try to post something a bit later in the day workout related.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's talk more about legs...

Yesterday I did a serious leg workout. When I say serious, I mean I did things pretty intensely over a period of an hour. It was the first time in a good while that I didn't feel sick or uncomfortable at the end. I think the time away from regular heavy leg workouts hurt me, or just running and walking a lot in Austin changed something about the way my body responds. So, no sickness yesterday! Yepee.

I hope I can remember my routine:
  • squats; 15 reps, no weight; 15 reps, 50 lbs on bar; 15 reps, 50 lbs on bar; 10 reps, 90 lbs on bar; 10 reps, 90 lbs on bar
  • plate loading squat rack; 20 reps, 90 lbs on bar with feet wide apart; 20 reps, 90 lbs on bar with feet close together; 20? reps, 180 lbs on bar with feet wide apart; 20? reps, 180 lbs on bar with feet close together
  • leg press machine; I think I did the same routine as above. I was concentrating on just doing two sets of stuff rather than three - although that changes later in the workout
  • plie squats; 65 lbs, 15 reps; 65 lbs, 15 reps; 85 lbs, 10 reps, 85 lbs, 10 reps
  • seated calf raise; 25 reps, 25 lbs; 20 reps, 50 lbs; 15 reps, 75 lbs - for some reason, I think I did more than this but I'm not sure
  • leg curls; 15 reps, 30 lbs; 15 reps, 55 lbs
  • what I call the butt blaster aka "Glute" machine; right leg: 15 reps, 30 lbs; 15 reps, 55 lbs; left leg: 15 reps, 30 lbs; 15 reps, 55 lbs
  • 10 minutes on the elliptical machine 160 rpms... so pretty relaxed.
That's it!
I'm taking today off.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today's favorite exercise: The Leg Press Machine

I promise I'll workout later... really... but I wanted to talk about one of my favorite exercises - used to be THE favorite. I started using the leg press in State College, PA at the local gym I began with...that was a great place. I remember sharing the leg press machine with a guy nicknamed "Prince," who was blown away by how much weight I could do. I was probably using 8 plates at the time. I don't think I've ever used more than 8 plates. I had this little system for using the leg press: start with 2 plates, do three different foot positions, add 2 plates, etc. I still will follow a variation on that system, but I never do as much weight as I once did.

I think the leg press appealed to me because it worked all my leg muscles, and I felt like it burned the most calories of any exercise I could do easily. Plus, you just sorta sit there. It's nearly effortless. :)

Once when I was at the Gold's in Goldsboro (ha!), a guy literally had as many plates as you could stack on the press and then had a woman SIT on top of the machine. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever seen. I could barely contain my laughter. Talk about wannabe. I think he did maybe 2-3 reps. He just looked silly to everyone, but now I think: what was that woman thinking? Oh well. Enough babble - time to get to work.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The best way to start a work week: CARDIO!

Ok, I lied in my subject heading, but today I "did" cardio:
  • 22 minutes on the elliptical machine
  • 3 sets of 15 reps of front squats with just the bar - why? just because!

My lower back hurt a bit when I was doing the front squats; I think that's because I was doing some ab/back work yesterday.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"I am a false prophet."

Went to Urban Active - yes, it is open on Easter. Yepee!

Did the following:
  • 10 minutes on elliptical
  • bench press; 15 reps no weight; 2 sets of 15 reps with 20 lbs on bar
  • overhead dumbbell press; 15 reps with 10 lbs; 15 reps with 12.5 lbs; 15 reps with 15 lbs; 15 reps with 17.5 lbs - hmmmm, I think I only did three sets, so something isn't correct there. Perhaps I didn't do the 12.5? I don't recall!
  • pulldowns; 15 reps 40 lbs; 15 reps 55 lbs; 15 reps 70 lbs... not sure if the reps are accurate for the last weight!
  • cable rows; 20 reps 40 lbs; 15 reps 55 lbs; 15 reps 85 lbs; 6 reps 100 lbs...again, not sure about the accuracy of this...
  • 10 minutes on this torture device that is sorta like an elliptical
  • some ab work
Overall, an ok workout. I need to start eating better again, because I know that my diet has been poor. Bad me!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do chocolate bunnies and heavy squats mix?

Actually, they do. Apparently eating chocolate Easter bunnies can help you struggle through a few more reps, or so I hear.

You might think that you're ruining your workout regimen by indulging in Easter candy this weekend - I have always loved those little solid chocolate eggs, but I'm particular about the maker - I hate Cadbury eggs, and even though every candy manufacturer seems to make these sorts of candies at Easter, most of them taste awful. I also like hollow Easter bunnies, because I have a method to how I eat them. It's a long story that maybe I'll share later this weekend.

I'm writing this absolutely useless blog, because I'm afraid I won't workout today, and I want to distract my loyal readers from the sad truth: I'm lazy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I hate cardio. Who doesn't?

Went to the MUM gym and did cardio for a bit. I hate it. I rather run trails, but the weather is not cooperating.

So, I did the following:
  • 20 minutes on the elliptical at 170 or so RPM
  • 10 minutes on the stairmaster (5 minutes each "way"); this just feels like a machine designed to kill your knees
  • those step up things I've done in the past...not even worth mentioning

How boring is this workout? Yep, pretty boring.

Thursday was a rest day

Yesterday I did not work out. It felt good to rest, and I'm wondering whether I should take today off as well. I may have tweaked my right shoulder just a bit. It feels like something is a bit pulled inside. I wish I knew more about anatomy and could properly describe such things, but I don't. Oh well. It doesn't hurt badly, but it just feels a bit sore.

I posted this site on a BBI thread, so I received some hits because of that, which was cool. This site is more for me to keep track of the workouts I do - rather than relying on the quick notes I make in the back of my black notebook.

Hope everyone has a Good Friday.

Happy lifting!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rainy Day Workout

Today I went down to Urban Active and did the following:
  • pull-ups and ab work (hard to really quantify this)
  • standing/bent over rows; 15 reps 40 lbs; 15 reps 50 lbs; 12? reps 60? lbs?
  • incline flys; 15 reps 12.5 lbs; 15 reps 15 lbs; 15 reps 17.5 lbs
  • seated tricep machine; no weight on machine, 2 sets of 15 with different hand positions; 50 lbs on machine, 15 reps (I may have done 2 sets?); 100 lbs on machine, 10 reps? and then 8 reps?
  • lat raises; 15 reps 5 lbs; 15 reps 7.5 lbs; 10 reps 10 lbs
  • overhead tricep exercise on back with ez-bar; 12 reps with 40 lbs; 10 reps with 40 lbs
  • ez bar bicep curls with 40 lbs; 2 sets of 12?
  • barbell squats
    • 55 lbs 8 reps
    • 60 lbs 8 reps
    • 65 lbs 8 reps
    • 70 lbs 8 reps
    • 75 lbs 8 reps
  • a bunch of ab stuff at the end
I knew I wouldn't remember what I did, because I did such a wacky routine. Ugh. I may be missing something here too. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fueled by Mrs. Smith's Pie

preworkout meal: slice o' pie

Yes, I know that's not a good preworkout meal!

Workout at MUM:

  • bench press: no weight on bar, 15 reps; 20lbs on bar, 3 sets of 12; 40lbs on bar, 6 sets: 9, 6,6, 6, 5, 6
  • squats: no weight on bar, 15 reps; 50lbs on bar, 5 sets of 15 reps
  • 10 minutes on elliptical with increasing resistance at 180 rpm :)
  • run around the basketball court five times at a moderate pace
postworkout meal: STEAK and CORN! Yeah!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Not quite in outdoor running shape

I really hope there's a second entry on here today, because my first effort at exercise was woeful. I met a friend of mine in Yellow Springs and we ran outdoors. It was 32 degrees. That wasn't the problem. The big hill in front of me with little distance to warm up and my desire to use the "facilities" offered me problems. Oh well, I probably ran for 15 minutes or so. I hate struggling like I did. My goal is to go running or do something later today. I had a big lunch, which was more like a second greasy breakfast, so I need exercise. Maybe I'll head down to Urban Active.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Three Donut Lunch courtesy of Milton's

Some people have three martini lunches; I had a three donut lunch.

Bad me.

And I didn't exercise a bit.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lazy day on the bike

Today was an easy day. I sat on my bike for 20 minutes listening to my iPOD. I kept the pace at 90-100 rpms, and with the resistance, that turned out to be anywhere from 18-20 mph. Good stuff.

Today was a good stage in Paris-Nice; Rebellin attacked on a descent, so I had to listen to the Foo Fighters with the following in mind:

That is the BEST cycling mash-up (if you can call it a mashup) that I've ever seen. Just an inspiring piece of video!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Today's Leg Workout

So, after my breakfast of oatmeal and a chat with the former police chief, I drove to the gym and did the following:
  • angled leg press machine: 2 x 45 lb plates; 3 separate leg positions, 30 reps each (small break in between each set)
  • angled leg press machine: 4 x 45 lb plates; 2 separate leg positions, 25 reps each (small break in between each set)
  • plate loaded squat machine: 2 x 45 lb plates; 2 separate leg positions, 30 reps
  • plate loaded squat machine: 4 x 45 lb plates; 2 separate leg positions, 25 reps
  • adductor: 50 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • abductor: 50 lbs, 2 sets of 15
  • seated calf machine: 25 lbs, 20 reps
  • angled seated calf machine: 90 lbs, 15 reps
  • seated calf machine: 50 lbs, 15 reps
  • angled seated calf machine: 90 lbs, 15 reps
  • seated calf machine: 75 lbs, 10 reps
  • angled seated calf machine: 90 lbs, 12 reps
  • standing calf raises: 100 lbs, 3 sets of 10 reps
  • standing, bend over, hamstring exercise (not sure what to call it): 40 lbs, 3 sets of 15 reps

I didn't do cardio. Bad, bad, bad me!

I can't vouch for the accuracy of the reps and such on the leg press machines, because honestly I forget the numbers, but that gives you a general sense of what I did.

The adductor and abductor machines are amusing pieces of equipment. When I was in Goldsboro, NC, I noticed a lot of the older women using them. I decided to try them out, and I think I understand their appeal.

The High Cost of Working Out

This morning I'm meeting a colleague for overpriced oatmeal at Java Johnny's, and then heading down to Urban Active to do a leg workout. I won't do squats!

The drive down to the gym is about 15 miles or so. That's about a gallon of gas for the roundtrip if my math is accurate - and it probably is not. Gas costs about $3.49 a gallon right now. My fine meal at JJ's will run me $6.58.

So, for the pleasure of working out, I'm paying $10 and that doesn't count the cost of the gym!

Maybe working out isn't worth it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Working out on my day off

So, today I won't workout. Everyone needs a rest day. I usually need several.

I don't feel any real soreness from my lifting this week; perhaps my back is still slightly tight, but nothing pronounced.

I have a fair amount of "stuff" in the basement, so if I decide to do anything, I won't have to travel far to do it.

Tomorrow I'd like to focus on a full body workout, so I'm thinking a trip to Curbin' Reactive is in on tap. I'll bench press and then do some leg press work. I'd like to concentrate on my calves.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Young man, is that yours?"

Ok, I did a bit of my mom routine today by asking someone to put away some weights today at the gym that were on a bench I wished to use. He was cool about it (but probably cursing me under his breath).

Today I just wanted to do some light cardio and maybe ab work, so this was the routine:
  • 20 minutes on elliptical keeping a 170 pace - I did some interval-type training during these 20 minutes and kicked up to a 190 pace with a higher resistance. The first time I did this, I did it for 3 minutes. The second time I did it for 5 minutes. There was a break of 3 minutes in between and the last 5 minutes were at the 170 pace. Wow, does that read like a really bad word problem or what?
  • Some ab work that I can't even begin to describe; it probably didn't do any good! I was doing those leg raises when I'm on my back - and I hear my bones popping though. I remember asking Rogers about this, and he didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I'm sure it's an indication I'm "out of alignment," but aren't we all?
  • 5 minutes on stairmaster (I hate stairmasters!) facing front
  • 5 minutes on stairmaster (did I mention I hate stairmasters?) facing back


I can probably take tomorrow off, but I may not. The weather is gorgeous right now - bright sun with highs in the upper 40s. I probably should have run outdoors. Oh well!

Setting goals when you have none

So someone has repeatedly said to me that I should have some goals with my workouts, but really I don't unless "being able to eat what I want" is a serious goal. Perhaps it is.

I don't have a desire to bench press a certain weight for a certain number of reps. I don't have a desire to lower my 5K time - perhaps I should? I don't have a desire to hit a certain amount of weight on the leg press machine.

Part of my worry is that typical goals - like being able to bench press a certain weight - would lead to my muscles becoming larger, and that's the last thing I want. I like being lithe -or trying to be. Unfortunately, I think my genetics predispose me to getting bigger, so if I train harder, well...

So, if you're reading this, let me know what you think about setting goals.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"The Chemicals Between Us" (Squats)

Went to the MUM gym, which has improved since I started at Miami but still could use some upgrading. There is very poor ventilation, and the weights are old and rusted. They have sanitizer there, but they really should have a big bottle of hand sanitizer. I always wash my hands before I even leave the building. Overall I guess you could call the gym "old school." It was deserted when I was there.

So, today was a "squat" day. Here's what I did:
  • no weight on bar (45 lb bar); 15 reps
  • front squat; no weight; 15 reps
  • 95 lbs; 15 reps
  • front squat; 95 lbs; 12 reps - I'm not very comfortable doing the front squats yet, so I did one more set of 15 reps with no weight after my next set of squats
  • 95 lbs; 15 reps
  • 115 lbs; 15 reps
  • 115 lbs; 15 reps
  • 135 lbs; 10 reps
  • 135 lbs; 8 reps
  • "step ups"; 15 reps each foot touching ground (bad form :) )
  • 10 minutes on elliptical machine at an easy pace
  • "step ups"; 15 reps each foot NOT touching ground x 2 sets
Then HOME!

My back is a bit sore from yesterday, but that's to be expected. I don't really like the MUM gym for another reason: the mirrors are distorting. I really like to see what I'm doing to keep my form solid, but the mirrors are something out of Alice in Wonderland.

Overall, it felt like an ok workout. Squats don't bother me. I could probably push myself more, but I don't see a need to do that. The subject line is a reference to one of the songs playing on my iPOD.

Tomorrow I will probably focus on doing some cardio. I'd like to run the "big block" here if possible. The roads should be fine, and I think the sidewalks are in decent shape. We'll see what the weather is like. Otherwise, I could head down to Suburban Active. The mix of cycling, running, and leg workouts is interesting.

Oh, I'm drinking one of my fine Beverly Shakes. Beverly makes great protein mixes. Woo hoo!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gym Pet Peeves

Everyone has a list of things that bother them at the gym. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order:

  • people who do not re-rack weights
  • people who sweat all over equipment and don't bother to wipe the equipment down
  • gyms that don't provide proper towels and disinfectant - that includes HAND SANITIZER
  • people who twist their backs into all sorts of odd positions just to get those 1 or 2 reps on that oh so impressive weight on the bench; yeah, nothing sexier for me than seeing a guy looking like he's going to break his back on the bench press
  • gyms that blast terrible music so loudly that my iPOD can't drown it out
  • gyms that push "personal trainers" on people who don't know any better; it's so sad to see the hardsell some of these folks get.
  • small crowds gathered around machines with no one actually *using* the machine
  • people who have a list of gym pet peeves

A Day at Urban (In)Active aka I Just Like to Watch

  • Pull ups (underhand). Did three sets of those. Probably did 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps.
  • Hanging leg lifts; one set of 20 reps facing front; one set of 15 reps facing left; one set of 15 reps facing right; one set of 20? reps facing front
  • Cable rows; set of 30 reps at 40 lbs; set of 15 reps at 55 lbs; set of 12 reps at 80 lbs; set of 6 reps at 80 lbs?; set of 2 reps at 100lbs
  • Lat raises; side lat raises set of 15 with 5 lb bells; front lat raises set of 15 with 5 lb; one foot up side lat raises set of 15 with 5 lb bells; one foot up front lat raises set of 15 with 5lb; side lat raises set of 15 with 7.5 lb bells; one foot up with side lat raises set of 15 with 7.5 lb bells; front lat raises set of 15 with 7.5 lb bells; one foot up with front lat raises set of 15 with 7.5 lb bells; side lat raises set of 15 with 10lb bells; front lat raises set of 15 with 10lb bells (not sure this is accurate, but you get the idea!)
  • Overhead dumbbell press; 15 reps with 15 lb bells; was going to try more, but because of my shoulder giving out last week, I decided against it; I did do a bit with 5lb weights, but that looked silly!
  • Decline bench flys; 15 reps with 15 lb bells; maybe I did 15 reps with 10 lb bells too; I forget
  • Seated curls; 15 reps with 15 lb bells
  • Standing ez bar curls and tricep exercises; curls 15 reps with 40 lbs; behind head barbell extension (seated) 15 reps with 20 lbs; curls 12 reps with 40 lbs; behind head barbell extension (seated) 15 reps with 20 lbs (maybe I went up to 25?); curls 6 reps with 40 lbs; behind head barbell extension (seated) 15 reps with 25 lbs; curls 7 reps with 40
  • 10 minutes on elliptical trainer


Postworkout: I was worried about my shoulder. I would say the workout went well, but there is a bit of soreness in my Teres Major or perhaps my Infraspinatus fascia

Yesterday's workout

Spent about 30 minutes on the bike. Kept it at 90-110 rpms. Listened to music on the iPOD.