Friday, March 28, 2008

Two days off, two protein shakes, and two slices of apple pie

Yesterday I took a second day off because of my allergic reaction; I rather be safe than trigger another attack. But I am trying a new "diet" - beginning my morning with a protein shake rather than having oatmeal and a bagel or some sort of carbs. Then a few hours later, I have another protein shake. The original idea was to have 3 protein shakes and a good meal, but instead I had a sandwich for lunch, a slice of pie for dessert (apple, naturally). By the time dinner came, I was ready for real food and not a protein shake, so I had a cheeseburger and fries. And apple pie for dessert. Bad me.

So, I'm here in everyone's favorite java joint at 6:40am about to do some revision work on my article before heading to Urban Active. I'm going to take it easy at the gym and see how I feel. If I sense the slightest twinge of a reaction, I'll stop. I doubt that will occur, but I'm a bit concerned. The reaction I had this week was the worst I've had in years.

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