Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back on the road! WOO!!!!

So, I didn't run the 5k this morning, but I decided to atone by running a bigger version of my big block run. You can see a crude version of it below if you zoom in.

It felt great to run. Yeah, I really wrote that! I kept a steady pace and a pretty short gait. Had the iPod playing. I'll try to give a sense of how long I was running later after I check the length of the playlist. It started to drizzle just a bit, but that was ok. I was also motivated by the desire that often motivates me at the end of runs. Ugh. That's an unpleasant feeling, let me tell you.

The thing I like about this run is that it's downhill for a good amount at the end as you come down University, but then you turn up Aberdeen and it's a pretty nice climb. I could feel it in my rear with my rear going "I'll get you up this hill, Marianne!" Thanks, rear.

Ok, I need to shower and continue with my day.

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