Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Young man, is that yours?"

Ok, I did a bit of my mom routine today by asking someone to put away some weights today at the gym that were on a bench I wished to use. He was cool about it (but probably cursing me under his breath).

Today I just wanted to do some light cardio and maybe ab work, so this was the routine:
  • 20 minutes on elliptical keeping a 170 pace - I did some interval-type training during these 20 minutes and kicked up to a 190 pace with a higher resistance. The first time I did this, I did it for 3 minutes. The second time I did it for 5 minutes. There was a break of 3 minutes in between and the last 5 minutes were at the 170 pace. Wow, does that read like a really bad word problem or what?
  • Some ab work that I can't even begin to describe; it probably didn't do any good! I was doing those leg raises when I'm on my back - and I hear my bones popping though. I remember asking Rogers about this, and he didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I'm sure it's an indication I'm "out of alignment," but aren't we all?
  • 5 minutes on stairmaster (I hate stairmasters!) facing front
  • 5 minutes on stairmaster (did I mention I hate stairmasters?) facing back


I can probably take tomorrow off, but I may not. The weather is gorgeous right now - bright sun with highs in the upper 40s. I probably should have run outdoors. Oh well!

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