Friday, June 20, 2008

Trying that whole trail running sneaker thing again

So last year at this time I bought a nice pair of trail running sneakers - they were made of Gore Tek. I proceeded to run, twist my ankle, and not run for a couple of weeks. I then tried again. Same result. No more running in trail sneakers. I went back to my regular sneakers, and surprise... no problems!

Well, I decided to purchase some trail running sneakers yesterday - mainly because I still have a gift card to Runners World that I need to use before I lose. I get my regular running sneakers online so it didn't make sense to pay more for them at RW.

I decided on a pair of Mizuno's - their Wave Ascend 2 - but the funny thing is I believe I almost bought the same pair that brought me such trouble last year.

Today I'll test them out; I wanted to try them yesterday but I was too exhausted from a busy week of work.

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