Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Attack the hills!

Just came back from my big big run. I admit to wanting to skip this run. Earlier I was on my porch doing some work, and I thought, ahhhhh, I can skip running today. But it's precisely on days when I don't want to workout that I should workout.

So, I decided to put in the earphones and head up Central, etc. I could immediately tell that my legs were lead-like. It was not a pleasant beginning. The mix I use starts out with two Cyndi Lauper songs, which are good for warming up. Then it's on to "The Chemicals Between Us," a favorite song of mine these days for all sorts of reasons - one being that I hear lyrics that don't exist, such as "There is no love in this place, lying in this bed" ...

Today was the warmest day of the season so far, so I was glad to get in the four miles without too much difficulty. Coming down University is a relief, because it's all downhill, and now it's beginning to feel SHORT. Oh no!

When I turned onto Aberdeen, I thought to myself MUST ATTACK THE HILLS. When I was running 5ks back at PSU with good ole Dave Hanny (where are you, Dave?), the best darn running partner on the planet, I would accelerate up hills. I also remember how he would be goofy as we were running trying to get me to push myself a little farther. Anyway, I enjoy attacking the hills even if it feels unpleasant. There's this rush I get as a crest Aberdeen - it's a kind of breathing zone...feels very odd. I suppose some would call it the runner's high.

Ok, I need to shower and find dinner.

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