Friday, April 11, 2008

My body is 20 degrees hotter than yours

Looking ahead to this weekend, I am still contemplating the 5K race on Sunday. The weather is supposed to be 50s, rainy. Not exactly pleasant, but not terrible either.

When you run, the temperature you experience is about 20 degrees hotter than the air temperature--ok, maybe 10-15, but sometimes 20 too. So, if you are running in 30 degree air temp, it will feel like it's 50. Really, it works that way. I always loved running outdoors when it was cold for precisely this reason. I also think my body tends to run "hot". No jokes, please.

The downside of this is that as soon as the temperatures get to 70 degrees, you are going to start suffering even though the air temp is fairly pleasant. You can become accustomed to it, but it's not fun.

When I was living in Goldsboro, NC, I would routinely run outside when the air temperature was in the 90s. Wow, that was an experience. I remember sweating profusely and my hands feeling swollen (dehydration setting in). But I also ENJOYED it. My body felt completely loose. The first thing I'd do when I came into the house was sprawl on my cool linoleum floor. Then I'd grab a bottle of water. I couldn't immediately shower, because I'd just start sweating again.

Anyway, not sure what today holds for me in terms of working out. If I am going to run on Sunday, today would be the day to do the big big block, but it's not exactly nice outside right now. Tomorrow should be a rest or light workout today. Hmmmmm...what to do!

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