Friday, July 11, 2008

Silly, silly, you thought the Tour was CLEAN THIS YEAR?!

Beltran out. Beltran, as you may recall, was one of LA's top lieutenants. Think he started using EPO just recently? That's not what L'Equipe says, but I won't say more here. You can read the stories yourself.

Oh, I was waiting for this to happen; perhaps I'm a cynic, but I just think that people are going to find new ways to cheat or are going to believe that they won't get caught doing things the same old way.

I can already anticipate the opening discussion on tomorrow's VS coverage...well, at least that will distract me from the absolutely HIDEOUS shirts that the four men seem to be sharing - how long until we see Bob Roll's pit stains on Phil Liggett's shirt?

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