Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cadel crashes

Watching the first big mountain day, and Cadel has crashed. He has some nasty cuts on him including a torn up jersey on his back. As I type this, he is receiving treatment from the doctor in the medical car - how nifty is that? You hang on to the side of a car speeding at 35mph and get your cuts and bruises looked at?

I wish they had the crash on video, so you could see what happened to him. I almost feel badly for him, because this is going to be a rough day. 6 seconds off the yellow jersey with Valverde and Menchov needing time back, and you crash? You think they're not going to try to take advantage of it? I wouldn't necessarily think they would attack today, but certainly tomorrow. He may be able to make it through today, but he'll be sore tomorrow.

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