Monday, July 7, 2008

18.37 miles, 15.8mph

Not bad, but not great. I must have been cycling in disguise, because I could have slammed on the back window of a pal as mine as I was coming down into town. Hehe.

I took my new favorite route, and again struggled up Breiel Blvd. I didn't bonk but I did really really really struggle.

The roads in Middletown are as bad as they say - especially for a cyclist. Only a few cars that seemed too close to me, including one cadillac coming up Breiel. I bet the driver was over the age of 70 and probably couldn't see my fuscia jersey. Ha.

For a while I was cruising along at 19 - 21 mph, which felt great. Still I need to find a way to improve my climbing ability. Breiel should NOT kill me like it does. I asked a buddy of mine for an exercise suggestion that might mimic the pulling UP I do with my legs. He said "toe raises." I think he really wanted to write "toe curls." My idea is to do something with knee lifts and some cables to create resistance.

Ok, well I'm at Java Johnny's the locally owned and overpriced coffeehouse, so I better get some work done.

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