Friday, July 18, 2008

Ho-hum, I ran the trail, and ran the hill...

So, after the requisite day off after a good leg day, I did some trail running today. I took it at an easy pace, because of the heat and humidity. I also ran the hill 5 times. Felt good.

Tomorrow it's a visit to Urban Active for some upper-body stuff. Wooooo0-hoooooo pull-ups!

I've worn a path on the hill, which makes it easy to follow, but someone needs to do some serious trail maintenance! The paths are overgrown and I'm constantly afraid of getting poison something.

A lil dung beetle advised me to use alcohol to kill anything - I think he meant rub it on my legs, but he may also have meant I should drink it - so that's what I do... rub the alcohol... in fact, it's actually RUBBING alcohol, so it makes sense to rub, not drink.

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