Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hitting the hill TEN times

Inspired by my guy's performance today (I mean Ricco, of course!), I decided to run the trails and hit the hill. Now, I didn't exactly light the trail on fire - I'll leave that to the highschool students - and I abbreviated my normal run, but hey... I ran the hill TEN times!

Did I mention that I ran the hill TEN TIMES?!

There are SOME people I know - and you know who you are! - who wouldn't meet my challenge of running that hill ONCE.

While there, I saw a young kid - middle school age - just sort standing there with his bike. I asked him if he was waiting for someone, because he seemed to be just waiting. He did that middle-school boy response - a sort of grunt - given to most adults (am I really an adult now?! I hope not!). So, I said, "Well, you should try running this hill."

Guess what the young man did? He proceeded to run the hill... he made it up 4 times and was going for his fifth when I was done with my tenth. You go, kid.

*This* kid needs to shower.

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