Monday, May 12, 2008

When 4 miles don't bother me... I know

something is wrong. Today I ran the four mile loop, and as I was saying to someone tonight, I could have kept running. I hate running. And this was road running - the worst sort of running. Trail running doesn't really count as running, because it involves so much more than pavement pounding; heck, there's no pavement to pound.

Anyway, I want to reassure my friends and workout fans that I am NOT turning into a runner, and I want to tell one particular person, there's NO WAY he will EVER get me to run the Pig... not even HALF a PIG.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to purge my body of this running and do some lifting or leg work at the gym. I've noticed looking back at the upperbody workouts that I am tending to do the same things over and over again. Any suggestions for varying my routine would be welcome. Remember, I'm not interested in bulk. Bulk doesn't appeal to me. Being lean and cut an extent. But even THAT bothers me a bit. I need some new shots of me postworkout, because the one on this page doesn't do my abs justice. Maybe I can get a professional photographer to volunteer his services in exchange for workout advice. Know anyone like that?

Today's workout:
  • four miles with the iPod

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