Friday, May 9, 2008

Four Sets

I am blogging from my somewhat secret location - the Panera at Union Centre - which has very cool people working the counter. There are two people in particular who are always superfriendly. It always makes me feel better when people are pleasant to me - there's really nothing in it for them. I'm here for my toasted sesame seed bagel and coffee after a workout. I'd come here even if they just gave me my order without being so chipper. Still, I'm sure some corporate-type has said that friendlier cashiers lead to more sales. I prefer to think these two folks are just kind people who happen to work at Panera.

Now, on to the workout, which felt great! I am always happy to have a decent leg workout:
  • squats
    • no weight, 15 reps
    • 50 lbs on bar, 4 sets of 15
  • hack squat
    • no weight, 4 sets of 15
  • leg press machine
    • 90 lbs on bar, 4 sets of 15 (wide)
  • the other leg press machine
    • 90 lbs on bar, 4 sets of 15 (close)
  • seated calf raises
    • 45 lbs, 4 sets of 15
  • abductor
    • 50 lbs, 15 reps
    • 60 lbs, 15 reps
    • 70 lbs, 12 reps
    • 80 lbs, 10 reps
  • butt buster
    • 30 lbs?, 4 sets of 15 (I isolated each leg first)
  • leg extensions
    • 50 lbs, 2 sets of 15
    • 60 lbs, 2 sets of 15
    • I'm not REALLy sure about the weights on this one, but I know I did 4 sets of 15 reps and I believe I increased the weight - I may have gone up to 70 lbs
  • elliptical
    • 8 minutes
Overall, the workout felt very good. I did four sets of each exercise because I have not done a leg workout in some time. Plus, with cycling starting soonish - as soonish as I can get the bike in! - I want to work on endurance and strength rather than pure power. Pure power is good, but high reps are better right now for me. I probably should have done more cardio at the end, but I was getting hungry and seeing that it was getting later. Oh well! Maybe next time!

Tonight it's EDDIE IZZARD!!! WOO HOO!

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