Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Logs are slippery.

I just returned from a brief trail run at MUM, and I learned a lesson today: freshly fallen logs are slippery. Oops.

I was running along on a "new" part of the trail - well, it looked new to me. I had already crossed one log on another branch, an area I know very well. So,I felt fairly confident approach this log across the trail. Instead of just climbing over, silly me decides to try to stand up and cross. Thus, I went SPLAT. I felt my shoulder - the left one, which if you recall is the "injured" one - stretch awkwardly and for a moment I thought, did I break something? Well, nothing broken but I do have some scratches. My left knee had been giving me some problems throughout the run, but nothing major. My big fear falling - other than breaking bones - is getting poison something. I probably should take BG's advice and rub some rubbing alcohol on my legs just to be sure to "kill" anything on there - ie dry out the oil.

However, I must admit there was something sorta cool to falling, being dirty, and having scratches. I feel very tomboyish and it reminds me of being a kid again.

So, logs are slippery. Careful or you'll go SPLAT!

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