Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2:03.7 and Powered By Apple Pie

So, first, I have to say that I did a PR for the 500 meters this evening: 2:03.7, which isn't quite the two minutes I had in mind, but it's good enough for now. Basically, I warmed up by doing intervals: first 500 was in about 2:21, second 500 in 2:16, then 2:03.7, followed by two more 500 meter sprints at about 2:16 or so. Not bad. I decided to do some upper body stuff. Here's the routine:

  • bench press
  • overhead press
  • side and front lat raises
  • incline bench
  • decline flys
  • behind the head tricep thingies
  • seated curls
  • standing curls
Honestly, at the moment I feel too lazy to put the weights and reps in. Instead, I am finishing my "slice" of pie. I had only had two pieces today, but they add up to the half a pie bought yesterday. BAD ME! Great athletes cannot be powered by pie. Guess I need some Guiness too.

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