Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rode my Langster Moscow yesterday for the first time

So yesterday was the first day I rode a fixed gear bike, and it was a blast. I wasn't prepared to ride, so I was wearing gym shorts, no sunglasses, but I did have a helmet on. I took the path from Trenton down to the other end of the Middletown bike path. I think it's about 6 miles each way, but I'm not sure if that counts the Smith Park stuff.

I've wanted a fixed gear bike for a while now, because I think it will help improve my fitness. I was not disappointed by the bike ride although I do wish I had worn sunglasses at least, because the bugs were out in force yesterday afternoon/early evening. I kept feeling them hit my legs, arms, face, and head - THROUGH THE VENTS on my helmet.

I was curious to know how fast I was going at points; I think I was going at a pretty good rate. Part of the reason I got the bike was so I could ride with Mark - I figure the fixed gear will slow me down a bit. :)

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